About Us

LLC “Company SocTrade” is a Swedish-Russian company which specializes in supplying laboratory equipment for quality control in four main areas:

  • Oil and gas industry, lubricants and petrochemicals
  • Agriculture and food industry
  • Pharmaceutics and pharmacology
  • Microbiology

Established in 1986, our company has now developed into one of the leading lab equipment suppliers on the Russian market. We are in close cooperation with lab equipment manufacturers, scientists, industrial specialists, as well as research and development centres, certification bodies and independent laboratories. We constantly keep track of the latest advances in science and cutting-edge technologies and actively monitor changes in quality control regulations. All this allows us to furnish our customers with top-grade analytical instruments and maintain high quality of our services for many years.

Our primary task is to identify the specific needs of our customers and provide them with adequate and professional solutions. We do not just sell equipment; we also offer comprehensive technical and methodological support to ensure the highest level of quality control.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Installation and commissioning of the equipment
  • Personnel training
  • Application and metrological support
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Design and supply of fully-fledged turnkey laboratories
  • Equipping mobile laboratories

Our Manufacturers

Company SocTrade is the exclusive distributor of the world’s leading manufacturers, such as:

  • Tanaka Scientific (Japan)
  • Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing (Japan)
  • Grabner Instruments (Austria)
  • Rofa (Austria)
  • Phoenix Tribology (United Kingdom)
  • Markus Klotz (Germany)
  • HEL (United Kingdom)
  • Chopin (France)
  • Perten (Sweden)
  • Brookhaven Instruments (USA)
  • DataPhysics (Germany)
  • Pol-Eko-Aparatura (Poland)
  • Neogen (USA)
  • O. K. Servis (Czech Republic)
  • Pharmatest (Germany)
  • Steroglass (Italy)


Besides, our company is an authorized distributor of:

  • Koehler Instrument (USA)
  • Huber (Germany)
  • Tamson (the Netherlands)
  • Technoglas (the Netherlands)
  • Velp Scientifica (Italy)
  • etc.

Our Equipment

We supply analytical equipment for all stages of the quality control process, including but not limited to:

  • sampling devices
  • analytical balances
  • kilns and furnaces
  • water baths
  • heating chambers and incubators
  • laboratory thermostats
  • centrifuges
  • gas analyzers
  • gas and liquid chromatography systems
  • spectrometers and spectrophotometers
  • X-ray fluorescent sulfur meters
  • specialized testers for analyzing crude oil, fuels, lubricating oils, greases and bitumens
  • crude oil vacuum distillation plants
  • particle counters
  • titration systems
  • tribological instruments and test rigs
  • density/specific gravity meters
  • refractometers
  • viscometers
  • colorimeters
  • chemical reactors
  • calorimeters for measuring the calorific value of fuels
  • grain, oilseed, flour, starch, dough analyzers
  • digesters
  • specialized food analyzers
  • tablet hardness and solubility testers
  • tablet disintegration and friability testers
  • general-purpose laboratory equipment

Our Website

The Russian version of our website contains detailed technical specifications of the instruments supplied, uploaded PDF catalogues, and various information resources which may come in handy when operating laboratory equipment:

  • articles and publications on different types of analysis
  • operation manuals for the instruments
  • useful links

Besides, we provide a flexible and easy-to-use search engine which enables our customers to quickly find the desired instrument as classified by standard test method, manufacturer name, or product type.


Cooperation with Manufacturers

Since we are constantly developing and expanding our business, we are open for new projects and challenges. If you are interested in promoting your analytical instruments on the Russian market, we will gladly discuss the possibility of our cooperation with a view to distributing your equipment and providing its technical and metrological support.

Contact Us

Our office is easy to reach by car or by public transport. It is located in the building of Kurnakov Institute for General and Inorganic Chemistry, just within walking distance of metro station “Leninsky Prospekt”.
115419, Russian Federation, Moscow, Ordzhonikidze 11/3, BC"Ordzhonikidze 11"
Please, feel free to call or e-mail us:
Tel./fax: +7 495 604 44 44
E-mail: info@soctrade.comsoctrade@mail.ru

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